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Clos Lentiscus Duo

Located in Catalonia, Clos Lentiscus sits between the massive Montserrat mountain and the Mediterranean Sea, in Sant Pere de Ribes. The property is arranged on a calcareous mass, with shallow soils rich with marine fossils, which provide minerals that the vines easily absorb and grant a unique mineral character and great aging potential to the wines. Farming without the use of pesticides or herbicides and following the moon’s cycles for planting, pruning, harvesting and bottling.

Both wines are made from 100% biodynamically farmed Sumoll Negre grown on calcareous limestone at 220m - 310m in elevation. The vines, which were planted back in 1939, are all hand harvested. Sumoll is a black grape native to Penedes and is used to make red, white, rose and sparkling wines. This aromatic grape is known for its distinctive minerality and blatant cherry notes. 

The first bottling in the offer is an expressive rose Pet Nat. ‘Gentlemant’ born from spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts in stainless steel tanks of 5000 liters. End of fermentation finishes in the bottle, minimum aging of 24 months sur lie before being disgorged by hand, per request. Topped up with the same wine, zero dosage, filtering, or SO2 of any kind. Annual production is around 2,000 bottles. 


Second, we have the 2012 Perill Noir. Clusters are destemmed with a maceration process of 15 days. Fermentation is carried out with local yeasts. It is left to age in French oak barrels for 30 months. This wine is extremely elegant with ripe red fruit and wildflower aromas, accompanied by soft toasting, this wine is ready to drink at 10 years old.