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Domaine de Bellene

When several of the producers Nicolas Potel had been collaborating with decided to end their own production and suggested that he take over their vineyards, the new Domaine de Bellene was created in 2005. In order to guarantee the highest level of authenticity and quality, Nicolas saw this as the perfect chance to accomplish his long-held dream to oversee the entire production chain, from the vineyard to the market.

Nicolas bought the Domaine structures in 2006 and set out to renovate them in accordance with very high environmental regulations. Environmental responsibility is taken very seriously by Nicolas, and it is included into every part of the estate, including the structures, vines, cellar operations, energy generation, and packaging materials.

At Domaine de Bellene, Nicolas Potel strives to create wines that are unadulterated, full of personality, and unmistakably representative of their traditional Burgundy terroirs. And he wants to accomplish this with as little harm to the ecosystem and the land as possible, working as closely with nature as he can.