R. López de Heredia


Lopez de Heredia Winery: A Beacon of Tradition and Heritage Since 1877

Lopez de Heredia winery, founded in 1877, stands out as one of the few worldwide wineries that respect and adhere to the core principles taught by their ancestors. As The New York Times' Eric Asimov aptly put it, "Perhaps no winery in the world guards its traditions as proudly and steadfastly as López de Heredia does,…it is paradoxically a winery in the vanguard, its viticulture and wine-making a shining, visionary example for young, forward-thinking producers all over the world…At López de Heredia, there is serenity that comes with adherence to core principles…"

This Spanish winery evokes a heritage and prestige unmatched by few others. Little has changed at Lopez de Heredia winery in the 137 years since its founding by Don Rafael López de Heredia. The family adheres to a winemaking doctrine blueprinted in the 1880s - to make wine only from their own vineyards, maintaining the traditions and core principles that have made their wines exceptional for over a century.