Ross & Bee 'Maloof'

Maloof Wines stands as a collaborative venture orchestrated by a husband-and-wife duo, rooted in the picturesque locale of Forest Grove, OR. This partnership embodies a harmonious blend of contrasts – one steeped in the realm of rigorous materials engineering, the other seasoned in the artistry of the restaurant world. United by their shared passion for warm hospitality and the perfect fermentation of pizza dough, they are two self-professed nerds with a flair for the finer things.

The scientific foundation of the endeavor finds its embodiment in Bee Maloof. Having dedicated nearly a decade to the realm of aerospace materials science, she transitioned from exploring the intricacies of rotorcraft to the realm of grapes and wines. This evolution of her scientific perspective culminated during the harvest of 2016, when her journey into winemaking began.

On the other side of this enigmatic partnership stands Ross Maloof, who found his initial foray into the wine industry through a rather serendipitous journey. A sojourn to Oregon to visit friends led him to embark on a harvest experience at Day Camp, a cooperative establishment spearheaded by Brianne Day. Prior to this immersion in winemaking, Ross had dedicated over a decade to Philadelphia's vibrant dining scene, notably at revered establishments like Vedge and A. Kitchen. Throughout his hospitality tenure, the beverage facet always held his keen focus. The turning point came with the 2016 harvest, marking Maloof Wines' second vintage. While they temporarily returned to their Philadelphia roots, the allure of Oregon had firmly woven its spell upon them. The undeniable magnetism of the region prompted their definitive relocation in 2017, a testament to the profound impact the area can have on individuals.

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