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Fantastic Warm Weather Wines

Warmer weather is back, and with it comes outdoors and lots of sunshine. It’s time to highlight refreshing wines for summer including reds, whites, and rosés.

In summer weather, we recommend looking for a red that has great taste when chilled, low tannin levels, and higher acidity. Nobody fancies a warm beverage on a hot day. Some wines win various qualities when chilled, but watch out, not all red wines are meant to be chilled. We have selected a group of wines with lighter-body, crisp, and refreshing. 

Regarding whites, many have a good bite to them. We selected lighter - to medium-body wine rather than say full-bodied chardonnays.

Last but not least Rose wines are a must in hot weather. The fresh and crisp, flexible style of these wines makes it perfect for any day of the summer. We have also included sparkling rosés for you to try, from dry brut Champagne to richer Proseccos.

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