Veuve Fourny

When the 5th generation brothers Charles and Emmanuel Fourny took over, they agreed the first order of business was to tell their beloved Granny that they would be the first in the family to not replant the vines in due time. While Granny may have thought it a faineant approach at first, she would certainly be proud today. Thirty years on, all Fourny’s vines are now between 40- 50 years old, a very unique asset to the wine. “An ideal age to best extract the salts of the Earth” is the cited reasoning behind this and it certainly does make sense through each expression of Veuve Fourny. 

Nestled in the cozy town of Vertus in the Cotes des Blancs, the vineyards are rooted mostly in pure chalk giving the wines unique finesse. No wonder all Veuve Fourny’s wines are Premier or Grand cru classified! These are as classic as Grower Champagnes come and the ethos at the winery is very minimalist: making the fruit do the work and letting the terroir speak for itself with little intervention and very limited dosage (added sugar.)