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Albert Boxler Pinot Gris Sommerberg Wiptal, Alsace Grand Cru, France 2015

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Luminous yellow. Lemon verbena, lemongrass, varnish and violet on the very floral, refined nose; apple and caramel pear tart emerge with aeration. Then penetrating and very pretty; tastes very much like a VT in style, but the flavors (which are similar to the aromas) run classically dry. In fact, this seemed to me as if there were some noble rot present, but Boxler told me that it’s just the way the grapes taste. Very beautiful wine that tastes long, dry and multilayered. There are different spellings of Wibtal, including Wiptal, Wipthal and Wibthal, but Boxler likes the one I report here. The Wibtal is located right next to the Eckberg at more or less the same altitude, and you can tell that these two Boxler wines, even though they are made with different grape varieties and origins (Riesling in the case of the Eckberg and Pinot Gris for the Wibtal), have the same structure and profile and underlying mineral stoniness. Very impressive Pinot Gris.