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Castello del Poggio Barbera d'Asti DOCG, Piedmont, Italy 2018

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The Casstello del Poggio vineyard covers an area of ​​148 hectares. In the past, it belonged to the noble Buneis family controlling the city of Asti. The property includes a wide amphitheater called Val del Temp, which used to be owned by the Knights Templar in the past and was the summer residence of the Bishop of Acqui in the 18th century. The grapes from this vineyard, among others, produce excellent Barbera d'Asti wine. 100% Barbera grapes are used for the production of this wine. In the initial stage of production, the grapes are pressed and then macerated for a week with the pulp to obtain the best color and the right amount of tannins. This is followed by alcoholic fermentation, followed by the use of a unique, closely guarded technology based on the action of bacteria, wine loses its "malicious" acidity in favor of a mild harmony of taste. Later it is poured into small French oak barrels, where it spends the next 8 months. After this phase, it is poured into bottles through 0.45 micron membranes, thanks to which it obtains its excellent transparency. It matures for another 3 months before being sold. The taste is very pleasant, full, fresh and intensely fruity. Red-ruby color with navy blue reflections.