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Collovray & Terrier La Closerie des Lys Les Fruitieres Pinot Noir, IGP Pays d'Oc, France 2020

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This is remarkably delicious and well-made Pinot Noir at a terrific value price.  The grapes grow in France's Languedoc region, which makes you think "hot." But this is from the tiny sub-region of Limoux where there's limestone in the soil and a moderate enough climate that sparkling wine was pretty much invented here.  Well, and high enough for cooling, too, as all the vines are perched at 900-1,700 feet elevation.  The Pinot Noir is destemmed and then goes into the fermenters as whole berries for a sloak and slow bubble on its own schedule.  About half ages six months in barrel, about 10% new.