Cotes de Femme Cotes de Provence Rose, France 2021

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This AOP Côtes de Provence rosé in her glass transports her to an outdoor oasis where relaxed, sun-filled shade and refreshing summer breezes express the floral notes of summer through carefree dances. She is surrounded by the notes of honeysuckle covered patios, followed by a feeling of walking through a citrus grapefruit orchard. When she finally tastes her Côtes de Femme, she is met with a feeling of drinking this magical one-of-a-kind rosé right off the vine. She can’t help but notice the minerality of the unique terroir where the grapes come to life under the Provençal sun. Like her, the wine has strong layers, structured with velvety tannins, expressing an intellectual depth which invites a longer conversation.