Domaine Alexandre Bain Pouilly-Fume Mademoiselle M, Loire, France 2016

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Alexandre chooses to make natural wine because he believes it is the most authentic product of terroir that he can share with consumers. His terroir is not altered by chemicals and sulfur, which obscure all the work he does in the vineyard. The estate has grown to become 11 hectares that produce 50,000 bottles a year. Even as his production increases, Alexandre is committed to doing 100% of the work in the vineyard with Phenomene and does not want to add any sulfur in his wines. The style of the wine could be compared to Riffault’s wines, as they both seek peak ripeness of Sauvignon Blanc by picking their grapes much later than the rest of the producers in the region. The wines are quite different from a classic Pouilly-Fumé style – richer, more aromatic and dense. This difference is deceiving though because, as Alexandre says, his wines are pure expressions of his terroir and the Sauvignon Blanc variety, nothing added and nothing taken away.