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Fukugao Snow Grass Nama Chozo, Japan NV 300ml

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One of the most fascinating things about sake is how the different styles not only match a variety of food but also the changing seasons. The name of this sake translates to “Snow Grass” in English, but forget anything about winter; this is perfect for enjoying during the warm temperatures of summer. It is a classified “nama-chozo,” meaning that unlike traditional sake, which undergoes two pasteurizations before bottling, this only goes through the latter of the two. This creates a fresh, pure-flavored sake with lively aromatics and flavor. Using native Gohyakumangoku rice, which is polished to 60%, and the incredibly soft water from the Ikarashi River, the resulting sake is highly fragranced, off-dry, and incredibly smooth. Notes of pear, sweet rice, and a subtle hint of earthiness are perfect partners for your favorite barbeque rib recipe – especially if there is some heat to it! The Fukugao Brewery, which was founded in 1897 and is now under the 5th generation of family ownership, has a motto which has remained the same since its beginning: to make sake that makes the face express delight. Which is exactly the reaction you will have when you taste this.

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