Giacomo Borgogno & Figli No Name, Piedmont, Italy 2019

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A Nebbiolo with a great structure. It goes perfectly with the great classics of Piedmontese cuisine, such as game and braised meats. Moving on to France we can think of it in combination with Bourguignonne. In Norway with a dish like Tradisjonell Etersuppe (soup with vegetables and pork knuckle). Further east, in Caucasian cuisine, shashlik (marinated mutton). On the Balkan peninsula, it can be combined with many meat dishes, such as Selsko Meso (pork and mushroom stew). Further south, in Greece with pork, such as the recipe for souvlaki (meat skewers). In Colombia with posta negra (beef in sauce). Moving to the East, it is perfect with meat cooked on the grill, according to the Japanese teppanyaki method.