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Kobal Sauvignon Blanc, Podravje, Slovenia 2018

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Kobal Sauvignon belongs to the family of wines with a specially and particularly pronounced fingerprint of nature, which impresses even the most affluent sensory taste buds by a combination of an extremely prnounced primary bouquet and a rich varietal taste of Sauvignon. The smell of the so-called thiol character of Sauvignon is reminiscent of passion fruit, gooseberry and grapefruit. The characteristic odor is followed by a rich flavor with a particularly pronounced long after-taste. Therefore, the wine has an extremely rich character of the variety, with exceptional juiciness and wit of the flavor. Sauvignon Kobal is a unique creation of nature and a vision of a winemaker, who wants to conjure up the wine lovers an unforgettable wine experience. The wine can be enjoyed in a glass alone or together with gastronomic experience, especially with light dishes in spring and summer days.