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Monte Bernardi 'Italia Ti Adoro' Vino da Tavola, Italy 2018

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Monte Bernardi make a cracking Chianti when they want to, but they’re not always about the highbrow DOCG compliant art-wine. This is them letting their hair down, a super fun ode to a long tradition of delicious and relaxed Italian reds. It’s a blend of grapes from Tuscany, Sicily, and Le Marche, culminating in this dinner-table delight. Supremely quaffable, with a combo a juicy red and black fruit and a good crackle of spice to back it up. The packaging’s fun too, designed to be a cool little conversation starter. They’ve called it a modern ‘fiasco’ (the traditional round chianti bottle, often with wicker basket holder). No straw here, but the bottle, like the wine, is a fun take on an old classic.