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Vignai da Duline 'Chioma Integrale' Malvasia Istriana Venezia Giulia IGT, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy 2020

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None of the whites of this beautiful region show more potential than the local Malvasia Istriana. Hauntingly and uniquely perfumed, with ripe, buttery peach, green almond, and sea salt, the aroma of a well-made version is worth the price of entry—and nowhere is this more aptly demonstrated than at this address. A plump-bodied, smooth white that is also bright and invigorating, Duline’s Chioma has an engaging personality that is wonderful with fresh seafood pasta—shrimp scampi would make a great pairing. I also tried it last night with the NYT artichoke carbonara recipe and it was a perfect fit.

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