Brunello di Montalcino 2016

The 2016 Brunello vintage stands as an icon of winemaking excellence, described as akin to well-muscled black stallions in their prime. Exhibiting a remarkable blend of darkness and radiance, expressiveness, and structural poise, these wines offer a transparent expression of terroir and craftsmanship. The growing season saw moderate temperatures, well-timed rains, and diurnal shifts, contributing to the healthy maturation of fruit. Producers adeptly navigated these conditions, resulting in a vintage heralded for its sharp and linear wines, ideal for cellar aging. Drawing comparisons to the revered 2010 vintage, the 2016 Brunellos are anticipated to be a well-earned success for producers, marking a triumphant return after challenges with previous vintages like 2014. Enthusiasts and collectors are encouraged to explore the elegance and structure encapsulated in this iconic vintage.