Maison Louis Jadot

Since 1859, Louis Jadot has stood as one of the most venerable, trusted, and revered wine houses in the picturesque region of Burgundy. With a history spanning over 160 years, this esteemed winery has established itself as a guardian of tradition, crafting exceptional wines that reflect the true essence of the land.

Nestled in the heart of the Côte d'Or, Louis Jadot owns an impressive 280 acres of the region's most prestigious Premier and Grand Cru plots. These vineyards are carefully cultivated to produce wines of unparalleled quality and character. Whether it is the humble village wines or the exalted Grands Crus, Louis Jadot places equal importance on the wines of each of Burgundy's appellations.

In 2013, Louis Jadot welcomed Frédéric Barnier as its Technical Director, following his three-year collaboration with the legendary winemaker Jacques Lardière. This seamless transition ensured that Louis Jadot's commitment to excellence and quality remained unwavering. With Frédéric Barnier's expertise and passion, the winery continues to push boundaries while respecting the time-honored traditions that have defined its legacy.