Meursault wine is one of the finest white wines in Burgundy, located south of Beaune, between Volnay and Puligny-Montrachet. On this exceptional land, the wines of Meursault celebrate Chardonnay. It is said that the name Meursault means "Mouse’s Jump" because, in the past, the plots producing red wine would not have been separated from those producing white by more than a mouse’s jump. Today, Meursault vineyard of almost 400 hectares is mostly planted with Chardonnay.

Meursault is typically clear and bright golden-green in color, with a nose of great finesse with aromas of lime, hawthorn and butter notes, hazelnuts, and honey depending on the “climat”, i.e the soil – that’s the calling card of a Meursault wine. Whether you’re an amateur or a connoisseur, the aromatic power of the wine of Meursault, a magical balance between smoothness and freshness, and its length on the palate impress.