Forge Cellars Leidenfrost Vineyard Pinot Noir, Seneca Lake, USA 2021

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Leidenfrost Pinot Noir is a lesson in humility and strength. It knows its power and how to harness and release it with impeccable precision. Muscular by nature, lean and defined by practice. One of the stark features of Leidenfrost Vineyard is the gravelly shale-laden terrain, the lack of topsoil, and the dramatic angle at which it hangs over Seneca Lake. There is nothing delicate about this site. The crunch of soil underfoot rescinds any opportunity for a quiet, meditative stroll; instead, it is defiant, commanding attention at every turn. The power of the physical landscape is a window into the soul of the wines that come from this site. They are not discreet in their approach, they do not keep you guessing, they tell you what they are with conviction and sincerity.