Kaiken Terroir Series Cabernet Sauvignon - Malbec - Petit Verdot, Vista Flores, Argentina 2018

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Color: Deep dark red violet with a purple sheen.

Fragrance: Unmistakably the classic Cabernet aromas of freshly grated black currants and juicy cherries on the nose, elegantly underlaid with the delicate violet scent of Malbec and perfectly integrated notes of oak maturation (dark chocolate, spices).

Flavor: The palate merges the three grape varieties into a powerful and finesse-rich taste experience at the same time, Cabernet Sauvignon provides the juicy dark berry aromas (blueberries), lots of fullness and complexity, Malbec complements with silky ripened tannins and Petit Verdot completes the blend with a clear structure and depth, powerfully with full, fresh fruit, perfect balance of acidity, sweetness, alcohol and a nice length in the finale.

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