Weingut Florian Weingart 'Anarchie' Bopparder Hamm Feuerlay Riesling Spatlese, Mittelrhein, Germany 2016

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This lovely Spatlese comes from Florian Weingart and his very small (4.5 hectares) collection of parcels located on the very steep slopes of Mittelrhein. For this particular later harvest bottling Weingart only sources from the Engelstein parcel, whose vines are post-trained like in the Mosel. The soil here is an amazing amalgam of volcanic ash (from the Eifel Mountain eruption 10,000 years ago), loess, limestone, and slate. Winemaking is kept simple with low yields, ambient yeast and extended lees aging in stainless steel. A treat for anyone who appreciates the sweeter side of classic, German Riesling with a rustic flair.