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E. Pira & Figli Chiara Boschis

The Pira family has a long history as viticulturists who transitioned to wine production at the beginning of the nineteen century. This great patriarchal family gradually declined as each of its male members began to pass away at an early age, one after another, until the untimely death of Luigi Pira, a wonderful man who valued traditions. A year or two after his passing, his sisters, unable to run the family business, sold the vines and winery to their longtime friends, the Boschis family. Then, after assuming control in 1990, Chiara Boschis sparked a small revolution by becoming one of the first women to make wine in the Langhe and one of the most well-known for her skills, expertise, enthusiasm, and method.

E.Pira uses biodynamic principles and is certified organic. Native yeast is used in every fermentation; no enzymes or chemicals are used. Sulfur is not utilized in the wine-making process, and only tiny amounts are added when the wine is bottled. Levels of SO2 range from 50 to 60 ppm. Chiara imagines the Langhe as an organically certified region.

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