“Champagne is my everyday life. But sake is my new adventure, which brings me great pleasure. I adore the country, the people and their respect for one another.” 

—  Regis Camus, World-Renowned Chef de Caves a Maison Rare Champagne 

HEAVENSAKE is a composition by acclaimed French cellar master, Regis Camus, in collaboration with Japan’s most respected sake breweries. Regis Camus and the respective Tojis (sake brewing- masters) work in tandem to create the unique HEAVENSAKE blends. Their common dedication to excellence set the grounds for the creation of the first Franco-Japanese sake, meeting the highest standards of balance, purity and refinement.

Régis Camus is the world-renowned Chef de Caves at Maison Rare Champagne. Admired for his virtuosity in blending, Régis defined the soul of HEAVENSAKE, immersing himself in the spirit and tradition of Japan. His respectful ambition was to compose unique sakes showcasing the power of blending “À la Française” while honouring the magnificent heritage of Japanese sake making.

Japanese tradition of excellence is delivered by two leaders in the centenary old craft of sake brewing. The houses of Dassai (Junmai Daiginjo) and Urakasumi (Junmai Ginjo) were chosen to help realize the vision of HEAVENSAKE. Their expertise, and dedication to perfection, set the grounds for the creation of a drink meeting the highest standards of purity and refinement.

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