Paolo Scavino

Enrico Scavino's constant desire to produce better Barolo is his most notable quality. He has already established himself as a pioneer in the quality improvements that have taken place in the Barolo region during generations at the head of his family estate, which was established in 1921. However, he has never ceased trying new things, which has always put him on the cutting edge of the Langhe region. He continues to vinify his wines parcel by parcel, trying to improve the wines. In order to enhance the refinement of extraction from his Nebbiolo in 2007, Enrico even created and made his own fermenting tank, used only on his Barolo to increase the elegance of his Nebbiolos.

The estate's winemaking has evolved over time, but one constant has remained: hygiene: the cleanliness of the winery and the health of the grapes have always been paramount. Quality control is essential. Scavino could produce more wine, but the estate prefers to sell 10-30% of their production in bulk in order to maintain their extremely high standards. This small family farm, which began with 5.5 hectares, now manages 29 hectares of vineyards and is consistently ranked among the region's top estates.