M. Chapoutier

Maison M. Chapoutier stands out as a prominent and expansive producer in the Rhône Valley, renowned for its wines originating from both the northern and southern regions. Specializing in red and white Hermitage wines crafted from Syrah, Marsanne, and Roussanne blends, the Chapoutier family's roots in the Rhône trace back to 1808. However, it was in 1879, under Polydor Chapoutier, that the family transitioned from grape cultivation to wine production and trade. In 1988, Michel Chapoutier assumed leadership, steering the company towards a focus on quality, leading to international acclaim for the Chapoutier label. Michel's innovative approach involved abandoning traditional large chestnut foudres for smaller oak casks with shorter aging periods, advocating for unfiltered and unfined wines sourced exclusively from biodynamically or organically grown fruit across all vineyards. Notably, since 1996, all M. Chapoutier labels feature braille, paying homage to Maurice Monier de la Sizeranne, the original owner of the Hermitage vineyard and creator of modern abbreviated braille.